Hey there! Welcome to the blog page of the relaunched orsonwelles.co.uk. Here you’ll find up to date Welles news and links to Wellesian happenings as they arise.

I started this website back in 2004 at a time when I felt Orson Welles was, well, a trifle under-appreciated. The only problem was, I had to build the site myself using Macromedia Dreamweaver, because blog sites and free internet software didn’t exist. The result – as the screenshots below show – was very amateurish, because my graphic design skills are as bad as my tech skills.

Nevertheless, I found out to my surprise a couple of years ago that back in the day, one or two people actually used to read it. So, I thought, why not do it better, using the technology that’s available? Then maybe one or two more people might read it.

It’s a permanent site, a bit like an online museum, originally designed to try and create a record of Orson Welles’ work and counter the prevailing narrative that for most of his life he was, creatively speaking, a washout. Like any museum, the exhibits get freshened up a bit from time to time and new exhibits get added. Is it a fan site? Yes, undoubtedly.

A lot has changed in fourteen years. More people have heard of Orson Welles, for one.  More people know what he did, what he was capable of. Cinephilia is burgeoning in the UK. What better occasion than the release of THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND (2018) to freshen up and reinvigorate the site?

I’d love to hear from you with any queries, comments and suggestions. Use the Contact page or leave a reply on this Blog page. Contributors will receive an @orsonwelles.co.uk email address.


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