The Trial (1962)

Paris-Europa Productions  Director Orson Welles   Producers Alexander & Michael Salkind  Screenplay Pierre Cholot & Orson Welles, based on the novel by Franz Kafka  Director of Photography Edmond Richard  Actors Anthony Perkins  Jeanne Moreau  Romy Schneider  Suzanne Flon  Elsa Martinelli  Orson Welles  Akim Tamiroff  Michael Lonsdale

K:  I don’t pretend to be a martyr, no.

HASTLER:  Not even a victim of society?

K:  I am a member of society.

HASTLER:  Do you think you can persuade the court that you’re not responsible by reason of lunacy?

K:  I think that’s what the court wants me to believe. Yes, that’s the conspiracy: to persuade us all that the whole world is crazy, formless, meaningless, absurd. That’s the dirty game. So I’ve lost my case. What of it? You, you’re losing too. It’s all lost, lost. So what? Does that sentence the entire universe to lunacy?

[Notes on The Trial (1962) to follow.]