A page of film reviews written for US film journal Reverse Shot by Julien Allen                                                                                                                                                  

Un prophete  Jacques Audiard - June 2010

Four Lions  Chris Morris - December 2010

Tamara Drewe  Stephen Frears - November 2010

Mesrine  Jean-Francois Richet - September 2010

44 Inch Chest  Malcolm Venville - February 2010

The Boat that Rocked  Richard Curtis - December 2009

In the Loop  Armando Iannucci - August 2009

Saving Private Ryan  Steven Spielberg - (part of 'Reverse Shot sounds off') - August 2010

The Thing  John Carpenter - (part of 'A few great pumpkins V: Halloween special') - October 2010


Reverse Shot is a quarterly, independently published film journal edited by Michael Koresky and Jeff Reichert.