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The works of Welles - nine masterpieces

...Actor, film director, theatre producer, radio broadcaster, painter, illusionist, fantasist, self-confessed charlatan...a tragic hero, to some at best an embarassing waste of talent, at worst an overrated bluff-merchant who made one good film and lived off it for the rest of his life. The legend of Orson Welles leads to one inescapable conclusion: he was almost universally misunderstood. This supposed unbearable egotist was in fact a charming and deeply passionate man, but above all, one of the Cinema's true masters.....more

Welles the actor

...The greatest paradox of Welles' acting career is that behind this dominant, imposing, all-encompassing presence was a nervous, self-conscious actor who loathed his own appearance and was prone to stage fright. His particular obsession was his nose, which he once said "had not grown one millimetre since infancy". As a consequence an anthology of his screen performances would be peppered with a succession of false noses, disguises, heavy make-up and fat suits.....more

Welles on the radio

...Mercury's first production was an adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula, which remains to this day one of the greatest pieces of radio theatre ever produced (and certainly one of the very few great adaptations of the novel). Further proof that when Welles put his mind to something new, he certainly had a knack for making a good start....more