"My greatest regret, above all else, is that I never met anybody who wanted to see me do a magic trick" 

Orson Welles

Welcome to the newly relaunched orsonwelles.co.uk. If you love the Cinema and like to talk, read, argue, learn and even write about films, almost as much as you do watching them, then this Site is for you.  orsonwelles.co.uk is not a commercial or a promotional site. It is put together by amateurs and enthusiasts, not professionals, critics or members of the industry. It doesn't follow fashion, but aims only to recognise and share the reasons why Cinema touches each of us.

Happily, films have never been more popular and loving films has never been more in vogue. Here at orsonwelles.co.uk we will be seeking a little more historical perspective and focusing on aspects of Film that we think will still be worth talking about in 50 years. Above all, as Film touches each of us in vastly different ways, we are aiming to celebrate the diversity of Cinema with personal contributions from friends of the Site.

The Site is named after the greatest original talent of the Cinema, Orson Welles. Welles epitomised the concept of striving to work outside of the norms which the industry sought to impose. We can boast no trace of his genius, but our ultimate aim is to produce a site that does his name justice and that is faithful to his philosophy. Hopefully these pages will also go some way towards creating a wider appreciation and understanding of Welles' work.

We would be delighted to receive contributions from anyone who feels the way we do about Films and would like to add their own insights and stories. Please email julien@orsonwelles.co.uk if you love Welles or flms in general and have any questions, suggestions or anything you wish to contribute to the Site. We will give you a free @orsonwelles.co.uk web address for any ideas or contributions accepted.  

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