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This website was set up and produced by Julien Allen.  It is hosted by Jonathan Westwood (editor of Black Umbrella and All written material is ©Julien Allen save for the following pieces:
1. If You Were There: The Breakfast Club remembered and Revenge of the Nerds by Jonathan Westwood ©Jonathan Westwood 2004
2. Bollywood and I: A Personal Appreciation of Bollywood and Carry on Screaming by Emma Pickett ©Emma Pickett 2004
3. Oak Trees on the Croisette - A Postcard from Cannes by David Maddison ©David Maddison 2004
4. Hollywood Women Parts I and II by Anna-Louise Felstead ©Anna-Louise Felstead 2004
5. A Black and White Issue? by Richard Price ©Richard Price 2004


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