Personal writing on Cinema by friends of the Site

A black and white issue? - by Richard Price

...Psycho was a film deliberately designed in black and white, allegedly because it was believed that red blood going down the plughole in the shower sequence would not get past the censor...more

Revenge of the nerds - by Jonathan Westwood

...director Danny Boyle explained that it was cheaper to chuck a digital camcorder off a bridge (thereby writing it off) to gain a shot than it was to do the same with a traditional film camera...more

Hollywood women (part I: icons) - by Anna-Louise Felstead

...Mae West's screen work in the 1930s brought about an unparalleled transformation in the motion picture industry in terms of styles, sexuality and views of women in general...more

Hollywood women (part II: the male gaze) - by Anna-Louise Felstead

...Many factors are manipulated to create voyeuristic film imagery, the viewfinder, the eye, the mirror or the peephole, whether it be a hole in the wall or the keyhole of a door...more

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